Plombières les Bains – Weekend Escape

I had the opportunity to visit this adorable little town for the weekend.  Plombières les Bains is located in the picturesque Vosges, North East France. It’s a small village with an incredible amount of charm; full of antique stores, walking tracks, thermal springs and stunning architecture.



Plombières - Street

House fence


Over 2000 years ago, the Romans traveling through this area noticed steam coming from the river, which they discovered was caused from natural thermal springs.  The water has great healing properties and became a very popular retreat for many wealthy families including Neapolian III.   It was also used for people recovering from war related injuries to bath in.  It’s incredible to think that I was walking in the same underground corridor, sitting in the same sauna and enjoying the same spa as people did 2000 years ago (obviously they have renovated the exterior but underground is still the same, unfortunately cameras don’t work in saunas!)


Thermal Spa


Later that afternoon Marine and I headed off for an 8+ km walk through the forest to soak in some more of Plombieres’ natural beauty – and we also made some new friends along the way.


Plombières - Cows

Plombières - Walking track


I stayed in this incredible 4 story house.  Some would call it a castle, right? And to be honest it did kind of made me feel like a Cinderella for 2 nights! With everything you could possibly imagine or want (think stunning architecture, large luxurious bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, alfresco area, 2 dining rooms, library, gym, pool, art studio (ok that’s just my suggestion/dream – but they are in the process of creating a space downstairs in the amazing sunroom dedicated to textiles [so that’s kind of an art studio right?] – textile design was popular in the area 200+ years ago).


Plombières - House

Plombières - View from balcony

House Interior

House Interior


Hidden away in the hills it really is the prefect weekend retreat and I’m very grateful I got to experience it all.  I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too? x



8 Responses to Plombières les Bains – Weekend Escape

  1. Dana says:

    Jenna, everything looks so beautiful, you might have inspired me to go there one day.
    What a great experience, glad your enjoying yourself .

    Dana xx

  2. Aunty ann says:

    OMG JENNA!!!! How amazing ……..triple amazing … How incredible , like you say to be there in the same place that has such long history!!! What a great start to your adventures , keep the pics coming . Love you BIG time xxxxx

  3. Julie & Pete says:

    Amazing Jenna, now you seem to be travelling now, awesome pics Hun!

    Enjoy, Enjoy life’s experience which you made happen, every day will get better & more beautiful.

    Luv, luv & more luv to you, take care Gorgeous! smiles to u xox

    • lovebites says:

      Thanks my loves. Trying so soak in these moments as I know they don’t last forever. Hope you are all well? x

  4. Bree says:

    WOW what an amazing place!

    • lovebites says:

      So amazing! Speaking of amazing – how incredible did your night at the beach look!?! Hope it wads huge success! x

  5. Kylie says:

    Oh my goodness Jenna! What an UNREAL experience! I SO want to be there!! So blessed!! I’m loving reading about your adventures and seeing all the pictures! Looks like you’re having a blast! And what a beautiful location to take a break with the girls!

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