Discovering how nice Nice actually is…

Last week we went on a little holiday to Nice.  I know you might be thinking –  ‘My Goodness! She’s doing a lot!’ And it’s true- we are busy! I just looked at the calendar and it’s almost fully booked for the next 2 months. I did warn you that there will be lots of photos and you shouldn’t be disappointed with this post. It’s taken me a stupid amount of time to write!

Anyway back to the lovely French Riviera. I loved it from the moment I spotted it from the plane window. It was early in the morning and I had such a clear view of the coastline. It was lovely seeing a beach, even though it’s so very different from my beach. It wasn’t until I saw the water that I realised how much I miss walking Sari at the beach each day. I have been walking Faya most days and it’s still enjoyable, but I definitely miss the special moments with my Sari girl.

With the sun shining and a warm delicious 30 degrees most days, Nice really felt like a summer holiday.



Day 1…

We arrived in Nice at around 8.30am then headed straight for Marineland (similar to Seaworld on the GC).  Personally, I prefer Seaworld – it’s bigger and has rides, more shows and better aquariums… but I did get to see Killer whales at this place, so that was very fun!


Afterwards we drove to the most incredible little village – Biot. It had so much character and life about it – the locals were out and about and it didn’t seem too touristy.  Exploring it’s little streets was by far one of my favourite things about this trip.



We checked into our apartment and headed out for dinner. With Nice being located so close to Italy I could really feel it’s influence and it made me reflect on my incredible trip there 3 years ago. I have been trying to eat the local specialities whenever possible so my dinner was stuffed tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini etc, topped off with a delicious local rosé.

Dinner at Nice


Day 2…

In the morning Nathalie and I explored the local markets which were filled with fresh, local produce, products and flowers. I love markets and always enjoy visiting them in different places around the world.  The fruit and vegetables looked amazing and I wanted to buy everything and cook a feast!  Plus it’s the season for berries so I was in berry heaven again!


I got to spend some time at the beach then wandered the streets and shopped for a couple of hours. We also went on a little train that took us up to a magnificent lookout.

Beach time at Nice

Panorama of Nice

We jumped on our scooters (oh I should mention – they were the kind children use, I was not on a cute little Vespa) and rode around to the Marina, stopping on the way back to the apartment to spend a few more moments checking out the Mediterranean Sea and watching the sun set over the mountains.

Sunset at Nice

Nice Marina


Day 3…

Lavender hunt! We jumped in the car and drove inland to hunt for fields of purple treasure (lavender).  I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures of the lavender fields in Provence (if you haven’t please Google it – but be prepared to be amazed!) and knowing Summer is the perfect time for it I put it on my wish list. Unfortunately Nice is about 3 hours drive away from some of the huge farms but we managed to find a small farm about 1 hour away, located just outside a cute village called Goudon.


We also visited a lovely village called Saint-Paul de Vence. Due to the fact that most of these little towns are located on the highest peaks they all have incredible views… and obviously plenty of history and amazing architecture (not to mention beautiful doors. Yes, I love doors. I always take photos of them when I am on holidays – the girls think I’m crazy).

Saint-Paul de Vence

Saint-Paul de Vence

Saint-Paul de Vence


Day 4…

The sun decided it didn’t want to come out and play today which was a bit sad. After my morning walk around the city centre of Nice we checked out of our apartment and headed east to Monaco. It was pretty but would have been much more enjoyable if it wasn’t raining.  As we drove past the Casino I was left a little speechless. My mind boggles at the amount of money spent on the cars alone and I couldn’t help but wonder what that money could do if it was spent in other areas of the world.



After a late lunch and a stroll through the gardens we headed back to the airport to watch the Soccer – World Cup quarter finals (France vs Germany), unfortunately I was surrounded by disappointed locals as Germany won – although feeling the anticipation of the supporters definitely made watching the match more interesting for me.

I will be back in Provence in September and I am already looking forward to exploring different areas.  I LOVE wandering the streets of the little villages and soaking in all they have to offer… and of course it will be nice to see the sea again.

I know it’s pretty chilly at home at the moment. I hope this blog post has had enough summery goodness in it to warm your day. x

Beach at Nice



6 Responses to Discovering how nice Nice actually is…

  1. Julie & Pete says:

    Beautifully written, Jenna you are so inspiring, ENVY you being in the warmth not to mention such beauty, happy travels … life’s about adventures & holidays … You are making the most of it, keep enjoying & posting, you make me smile!

    • lovebites says:

      You make me smile! Thank you for your constant encouragement. You have the most beautiful heart Jules x

  2. Aunty ann says:

    Oh Jen…… How many words I could try to use to describe what you are experiencing …I am so happy you are taking in and enjoying everything around you. Your blog is fantastic. I might not ever see these places, so keep it coming. Love the rock beach ha ha !!! Not quite the same as ours ha ha….love love love you xxxx

    • lovebites says:

      Oh Aunty Ann, I’m so happy you are traveling with me (through the computer/blog posts but that’s a minor detail really!)
      It’s lovely to hear that you are enjoying my pics. Thank you x

  3. Sarah says:

    Just love reading your posts Jen!!! xx

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