Mont Saint-Michel

Whenever I visit places that are old I can’t help but wonder what stories the buildings hold. With a history dating back to the eighth century, Mont Saint-Michel was no exception to this thought pattern.


Mont St Michel


There were lots of visitors also visiting this national monument and World Heritage listed site (which I guess shouldn’t be that surprising because more than 3 million people visit it each year). It did make me a little sad seeing the amount of people arriving by the shuttle bus because they missed out on a very easy, lovely 3km walk from the mainland.  The area itself is rather touristy and I think it lacked the charm I was expecting, but it was certainly a wonderful thing to see.


Mont St Michel


Whist staying in the Mont St Michael area we spent some time exploring cute little seaside towns and medieval villages. These are the days I really love; the ones that are still jam packed full of activities but time is a little more relaxed and they really feel like holidays. It is nice to be able to wander without a strict time frame. I notice and appreciate things I would miss if I was in a hurry or focussed on the end location. I love having the flexibility to stop at roadside markets, local shops or pull over to admire views. I love to travel along cobblestone paths, small little one way streets or country dirt tracts. Even getting lost is an adventure on holidays because it’s an opportunity to find hidden treasures!


Mont Saint Michel area


This area of France is well known for its Oysters. I’ve never tried oysters before (the look of them has always made me cringe) but since I am challenging myself to try local foods whenever possible, I had to attempt to eat fresh oysters.


Trying Oysters


I ate 4!  It might sound stupid but for me that was something to be proud of. (Did I mention that oysters really freak me out?)  My verdict: I was expecting them to have a really strong flavour but they didn’t. The texture was unusual (as expected) and I don’t think I will be craving them anytime soon or ordering them off a menu, but I will certainly try them again. I’m no longer an anti-oysters girl. YAY!

The place I tried oysters was also the little town I ran into some people I haven’t seen for over 5 years. I met them through close friends of mine who were also living on the Gold Coast at that time. They moved from the GC to America and now live in South France and they just happened to be on summer holidays on the West Coast, like us. Little surprise meetings like that remind me that it is such a small world, not full of coincidences but full of beautiful, pre-planned moments.

Have a good weekend my loves x


3 Responses to Mont Saint-Michel

  1. Sarah says:

    Looks like a beautiful spot. Can’t stand natural oysters – I cringed watching you eat them…lol!! But oysters kilpatrick, I don’t mind..ha ha!! Enjoy the travelling adventures. xxx

  2. Bree says:

    You’re braver than me! I served oysters at my supper club recently and was forced to eat one, I’ve done and good job of avoiding them my whole life and look forward to never eating them again haha!

  3. Sherie says:

    Girls it must be an acquired taste -but I love them raw and crave them!! Yummmmmo

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