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I should probably start this post with a big sorry… it’s been way too long since my last blog post! I’ve been so busy travelling which has left me very tired at the end of each day. By the time I crawl into bed I’m well and truly ready to sleep, so it means I’ve missed out on the thinking/writing/creative time that often happens late at night.  So here is a quick run down (and a very busy photo collage) of my days in London… better late than never, right?


Love Bites in London
I’m not sure what I expected from London, but it was delicious. And yes, delicious is exactly the right word. This foodie was a happy little camper! The street food alone was delicious… But then there were markets and pub food (it had to be done!) and cafés and restaurants and pretty pink cake shops and cooking classes. See I told you delicious was the right word!!

Of course I did super touristy things as well as eating! I went on a big red double decker bus (many times in fact!), strolled through Hyde Park, checked out Buckingham Palace, cruised along the Thames to Greenwich, took photos with Big Ben (which isn’t actually correct as he is the bell inside the tower, but you all know what I mean), went to the National History Museum, saw London Tower, shopped at Harrods, became overwhelmed by the selection of toys at Hamleys, smiled my way through a musical at West End, explored Notting Hill and I walked and walked around the city discovering many parts of London I would not have normally seen. I actually did a couple of walking tours which I found really interesting. I think there is something special about listening to locals; The history, stories and information they share can really enhance your travel experiences, especially for me as I was wandering around by myself most of the time.




Anyway back to food… Borough Markets are pure heaven for foodies. I wanted to buy everything and go home and cook a massive feast! I could have stayed there all day! I was talking to a chef the other day that said he went there with a budget of £30 to buy something special to cook his girlfriend for dinner and ended up withdrawing another £90 from the ATM and leaving 4 hours after he planned to leave. Of course you don’t have to spend a lot of money, but with the variety of foods and gourmet ingredients it is pretty easy to do. Another highlight for me was visiting Peggy Porschen’s Parlour. I bought one of Peggy’s cake decorating books about 10 years ago and since then I have been hooked on creating pretty, sweet food! I adore her work and visiting her pretty pink cake shop was a dream come true. It was everything I hoped it would be and I immediately felt at home. On my last full day in London I went to one of Jamie Oliver’s cooking schools (Recipease) and learnt how to make delicious bread. At home my normal diet does not include much bread- I actually think over the last 3 months I would have consumed more bread than I have in the last 10 years but fresh bread is delicious and I really enjoyed learning how to make it. I will do another blog post when I am home with a recipe and tips if you like? It’s not as hard as you might think!


Eating cake and dreaming about the future


Obviously London is big place and I was struggling with my sense of direction! I think when you go on the tube and pop up in another area without actually knowing what direction you were travelling in it throws you a bit… well that’s my theory anyway! It’s a diverse city where anything goes. There wasn’t a specific look or style that stood out; it seemed like a city that accepts all individuals. I understand why so many Aussies move there – apart from the freezing cold winter I think it would be a city we could all easily adjust to. Although London was lovely it didn’t capture my heart like Paris did the first time I visited. I embraced and enjoyed my time in the UK, but inside my heart the excitement was brewing… after London I was going back to France and I was oh so happy! Ciao for now London town x



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