I love you berry much

I love you berry much


I am addicted to berries. It doesn’t really matter what type – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, mulberries, boysenberries, cranberries etc…  I don’t care, I love them all and will take whatever I can get!  Luckily it’s easy to get my daily fix because I discovered that I have delicious raspberries growing amongst the weeds in my backyard!  SO EXCITING!  Going outside and picking the ripe ones to enjoy for morning tea has become part of my morning routine.  Delicious + fresh + healthy + free = best combination ever!


Fresh Raspberries


We also have red currants (which might actually be on the neighbours property but what’s a fence line between friends, right?) and I found a few wild strawberries growing which are tiny but so very flavoursome.




Strawberries from the supermarket look and taste amazing and I have been indulging in them each day. Of course I chose the ones in the cutest little basket because pretty packaging wins me over every time!


Strawberry basket


Speaking of berries, in a couple weeks time we plan to go strawberry picking and I have also been told that when we go to the mountains there will be wild blackberries growing everywhere.  I can imagine I’m going to look like a crazy person crawling through the bushes with a big smile on my face trying to pick as many as possible. I can’t wait to bake some berry tarts with this amazing fresh produce! Yum Yum!

Anyway, it’s time to eat these babies.  Have a happy day my loves x


Raspberries & Red Currents



5 Responses to I love you berry much

  1. Dana says:

    Hello my love,
    Last too post where great, sounds like you have settled in (well settled in the berry patch).
    How amazing to those strawberries look from the markets, yum yum!
    Not much to tell from this end, but will keep you posted on anything exciting.
    Love ya xx

    • lovebites says:

      Thanks lovely. Yes settling in here. It’s different from home, and I certainly have moments of missing it, but trying to focus on the here and now. Will write you an email this week x

  2. Rachel Savage says:

    I could not be anymore jealous of anything!!! The only consolation is that I’ll be gobbling as many I can in September!

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