Finding beauty in the midst of clouds – Switzerland

Even when I was 2168m above sea level, surrounded by clouds and could only see a few meters in front of me, I found the sweetest little wild flowers. It was not the view I was expecting but it was still beautiful.

LoveBites - Wild flowers in Switzerland
A few of my friends are going through a tough time at the moment so the first couple of paragraphs are especially for them. My highlights of the Swiss Alps are in this blog post too so please stay with me… You won’t be disappointed.

Finding beauty in everything does not always come naturally. Stuff goes wrong, plans fail, people disappointment you (or you disappoint yourself which I actually think is more heartbreaking than when others do it).  I’m well aware that sometimes life is not fun and does not seem beautiful.

When everything is failing around you and you feel clouded with confusion please try to remember that eventually the sun will start to shine again (sounds like a cliché but it’s actually true) so until then please try to look for the pretty wild flowers of life, smile and be thankful…  They are probably hiding right under your feet. x


Ok, back to our weekend getaway in Switzerland (which btw happened a couple of weeks ago – I am just terribly behind in updating you all!) Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great; it was raining and cold which limited the activities we could do.  We checked into our chalet (super cute and oh so fun to say!) and jumped on the train to explore the area.  We had planned to spend the day heading to the very top of the mountains (they call it ‘the top of Europe’ although I believe it’s not actually the highest point, which is a little confusing) but the weather was against us so we chose a different town where we thought there would be a higher possibility of having a clear view. The clouds were just too low to see the tops of the mountains, however I did find peonies growing in someone’s front yard, wild strawberries growing on the side-walk and more cute chalets to admire. Plus the scenery during the train trip was spectacular.

LoveBites - Swiss AlpsLoveBites - Switzerland

The next morning Nathalie and I went for a walk through the local village. Yes it was overcast and cool and my bed was cosy and warm but I needed to explore this area while I had the chance.

Lovebites - Swiss ChaletLovebites - Swiss Chalets

We drove to Grindelwald and caught a cable-car to a little place 2000+ metres above sea level (which was also a refreshing 8 degrees) with the hope of seeing postcard like landscapes – blue skies, glassy lakes, mountains covered by lush green grass, scattered trees with white snow sprinkled like icing on top. This did not happen… I was well and truly surrounded by clouds BUT this is where I found those sweet little wild flowers and that moment was special enough for me. #findingbeautyineverything

We stopped half way down the mountain to eat lunch (warm soup was needed) and once our bellies were full and we were feeling adventurous we decided that we should walk the rest of the trip down and I’m so pleased we did.  After about 40 minutes it stopped raining and the clouds cleared a bit. The view was beautiful!

LoveBites in SwitzerlandLovebites - Swiss AlpsSwiss Alps - Girls and me

Seriously, all of this did not happen because of a big bang! This earth was lovingly created for us. Soak in its beauty. x

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  1. Julie & Pete says:

    So much beauty within you and around you.

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