Afternoon adventures in Eguisheim

This little town has been named as one of the favourite villages in France and I can understand why. Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, Eguisheim is a great example of what the Alsace region is all about. 



The village has been designed as a circle which makes walking around very easy. The region has a very strong German influence which is evident in the style of houses (how sweet are they all with geraniums on their windowsills?) and also little shops selling pretzels and Lebkuchen (delicious German Christmas biscuits). 

Sweet little Alsace Houses


Of course I had to try some of the local wines and eat a pretzel (FYI: delicious). I also tried a few cheeses.  Prior to coming to France I would never have described myself as a cheese lover although after eating it every single day I now really enjoy it and I when I get home I am really going to miss having such an incredible range of cheeses to choose from! I discovered early on that Munster is not on the list of cheeses I enjoy. It is way too strong for me (insert strange facial expressions- which was quite amusing for everyone the first time I tried it!) 

Apart from wine and pretty buildings, this village is also known for its Stalks. Yes, the birds that deliver babies. I saw lots of birds, but no babies… myth busted? They make the most unusual, loud noise and I can’t say I would want them making a nest on my roof but it was interesting to see.



Cobblestone streets & pretty blooms

Our afternoon ended with a lovely walk through the picture perfect vineyards. The Alsace region produces lots of good quality wines but specialises in white wines and Crémant – which is just their version of Champagne. It’s just as delicious and about a 1/3 of the price! #happydays


Alsace Vineyard


We had such a relaxing, lovely afternoon and I loved learning more about the beautiful region I’ve been living in for the past 2+ months.  It’s pretty, hey? x

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  1. David says:

    That village suits you jen, especially the bike out the front of that shop.

    love seeing all your adventures

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