I always daydream of travel much more on Mondays.

I guess it’s really just a version of escapism. The freedom of the weekend is well and truly gone and the reality of work and busy schedule of week ahead makes me want to run to a place far far away.  Even though I enjoy my job and I love working for my little business  my love for travel often takes over. On Mondays I dream about running away to a place where I can eat exotic foods and wander streets and alleyways aimlessly for hours…

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Yes, I’d like to sit, eat and soak in the surroundings of sweet little cafes;

Discover old, pretty, colourful tiled floors and walls covered in bougainvillea;

Spot cats sun-baking on the front steps of beautiful homes with colourful doors;

Pick wild flowers from fields covered in a blanket of colourful blooms;

Dip my toes in all the oceans of the world;

Wander through exotic fabric shops and design outfits in my mind;

Sit and drink cocktails while watching boats sailing in the sunset;

Peruse supermarket aisles and examine the different ingredients;

Hide away in peaceful botanical gardens in the centre of major cities;

Buy local produce from farmers markets and enjoy spontaneous picnics;

Stroll through antique shops and wonder about the stories each piece would tell;

Climb mountains (ok maybe just hills) and admire the view from the top;

Embrace different cultures and attempt to pronounce words in foreign languages;

Go in search of amazing architecture;

Bush walk and discover natural beauties;

Learn how to prepare and cook local, traditional delicacies;

Bike ride aimlessly through new streets lined with lush trees.


These are the things I daydream about each Monday…

But… work is waiting, business is bustling and the week has only just begun!

Hope you have a good one x

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  1. Ann says:

    So lovely to read your post Jenna, it sounds like you have itchy feet, where is your next destination ? Look forward to seeing you soon , big loves and kisses xxxx

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