Brittany Beach Shack

Who would have thought being an Au pair in France involved holidaying in a little beach shack on the coast at Saint-Michel-en-Greve, North Brittany, France?  When I say beach shack, that is exactly what I mean… It was small, old, overlooked the beach and is in desperate need of a renovation. I wish I owned it (and it was located in Australia) so I could apply to be on My House Rules. It was not luxurious but it had everything we need (and more) and I really appreciated that I was close to the sea (it looks more like a bay and when you look on a map it’s actually the English Channel but it’s water and it made me smile).


Brittany Beach Shack


The view was beautiful and each morning when I opened the shutters on my bedroom window and looked outside I felt incredibly blessed.




Another plus about the beach house was that I could cook there (and it had a picnic table outside to eat at).  Crepes, Cider and Salted Caramel (yes there will be a post solely dedicated to Salted Caramel another time) all originated in Brittany and although I thoroughly enjoyed eating them I was craving some good home cooked meals and freshly prepared salads.


Food with a view


We slowed down the pace a little bit at this location and although we still saw a lot of the surrounding area (markets, lighthouses, villages and even a day trip to an island) I was grateful for a little bit more free time to read, think, walk, go to bed before 1am and soak in the sun.


Saint-Michel-en-GreveMarkets, Beach, Blooms


This property had no wifi access (hence the late blog post) and although I missed contacting my family regularly it was very refreshing to spend some time without the distraction of Instagram, emails, Facebook or Skype. It made me realise I use my phone way too much and I’m determined to implement some ‘rules’ for myself when I get home to Australia.  Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for technology, but time without it, time spent by the sea, just reading, writing, praying, creating, dreaming and reflecting was so very good for my soul. x


The beach is good for my soul



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