About me

love bites about me jennaBonjour.
Welcome to my blog. It’s full of all things sweet, pretty and oh so lovely.

My name is Jenna and I’m the owner of Love Bites Cookies & Cakes – so expect A LOT of sugary goodness posts.

Obviously I love to bake. When I was young I spent hours each week sitting at the bottom of the slippery slide in our backyard making mud pies to share with our neighbours. (Yes, they were the delicious combination of dirt and water). Thankfully my style of baking has improved.

Lately I have been trying to use my creativity in any way I can. I have been exploring with different mediums and am enjoying discovering what my hands are capable of.

I am addicted to flowers, chocolate, sunshine, lace, fairylights, picnics, all things French, berries and party styling.

Life isn’t always rosey and filled with giggles and cupcakes. I’ve had some pretty big ups and downs but I feel fortunate to have the experiences I have had. I have my amazing family close by and I’m also grateful for the sweet hope that knowing Jesus brings.

So join me as I travel through life (most of the time with Sari, my gorgeous golden retriever by my side) hopefully encouraging, inspiring and sometimes even challenging you. I promise to try and add a sprinkle of loveliness to your day x

Give. Love. Create. Laugh. Enjoy. Pray. Eat. Share. Smile. Hope. Grow. Explore. Play.